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Combination of aesthetics and comfort

iiana biasini founder

Meet the founder


Northern Italy or Bingen on the Rhine, the German-Italian's birthplace remains a secret. IIANA BIASINI grew up in Germany, but she spent the endless summers on the long beaches of Sardinia.

She learned to love everything beautiful in Udine, her father's old home. Life on the piazza, where people meet in the evening in their elegant dresses and suits. The alleys with their little shops where the artisans and farmers sell what they have pulled out of the earth with their own hands - created themselves. She peers through the shoemakers' workshops' doors and watches how sandals are made from fragrant leather. Back in Germany, she wears her Italian sandals with pride.

After graduating high school, she studied fashion design at the AMD in Hamburg. There she gets to know the other side of the fashion industry. The side that holds the textile trade in low esteem. She doesn't want to be a part of that. She goes to Freiburg, works in a hospital, studies psychology. Her great love of fashion and design brings her back to her sketchpad and sewing machine - back to her vision of giving regionally produced clothing back its value.

"In Germany, there is a long tradition of regional textile production in the Swabian Alb. I want to build on this. I want it to be possible to train in sewing in Germany and make a living from this profession."


"Perfection is not a small thing, but is made up of small things."

– Michelangelo Buonarroti

Our Philosophy

The perfect tools are our hands. With the sensitivity of our fingers and the strength of our arms, we can do things that no machine can do. The precision of our movements, the touch and feel and the skin's softness give the craft its incomparable creative power.

The highest quality is our claim - no long transport routes, everything is made in our atelier in the textile factory in Mannheim.

Our lingerie is made with the highest precision and can be traced back to the sewist. Limited quantities and selected collections create exclusivity. Our lingerie will mainly be available in small boutiques, selected department stores and in our online shop.

Combination of aesthetics and comfort

We spared no time and effort to create the best possible cut and perfect fit for our bra.

But what is it exactly that makes this project take a few months? Weeks and months went by, while new adjustments were needed again and again on the part of our cut directors. Our seamstresses made these changes, we wore the resulting bra, evaluated it and perfected it again until we were completely satisfied.

The process of bra pattern development is far more complex and comprehensive than one might imagine at first.

What we wear closest to our skin is what we want to value the most.

Atelier-grade Materials

Made with love, using high-quality, premium materials

Aesthetics and comfort

We created the best possible cut and perfect fit for our bra

Made with love in Germany

Everything is handmade in our atelier in Mannheim

Traditional Craftmanship

Handmade embroideries with high quality standards