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The perfect tools are our hands. With the sensitivity of our fingers and the strength of our arms, we can do things that no machine can do.


Embroidery is an ancient textile technique that uses needle and thread to create the most beautiful patterns and embellishments. We make this centuries-old technique our passion and present what we consider to be the most beautiful embroideries on finely crafted tulle.

Our embroideries are handmade and produced with the highest quality standards.

A small family business from Austria creates these high-quality and unique works of art exclusively for us.

This is how traditional craftsmanship can continue to exist.


Silk is characterised by its sheen, its brilliant colours and its pleasant feel. One of the noblest all-natural fabrics.

An Italian company produces our silk in a complex manufacturing process. Each piece is checked for the highest quality. The finished silk gives the wearer a unique feeling full of elegance and grace.


Our ribbons are carefully selected to provide a comfortable feel against the skin. For us, the ribbons on our set are not only necessary but the unifying element of a complexly elaborated top.

Without being conspicuous, but nevertheless nobly and glamorously presented, we add an extra touch of exclusivity to our set with our ribbons.

Stability and wearing comfort, in addition to our aesthetic design, contribute to making our lingerie.

"Perfection is not a small thing, but is made up of small things."

– Michelangelo Buonarroti

Atelier-grade Materials

Made with love, using high-quality, premium materials

Aesthetics and comfort

We created the best possible cut and perfect fit for our bra

Made with love in Germany

Everything is handmade in our atelier in Mannheim

Traditional Craftmanship

Handmade embroideries with high quality standards